About Sparrow Naturopathy

I am a naturopathic doctor who has been serving patients at Sparrow Naturopathy in Burlington, ON since 2008. I believe that we have many options available to us in Ontario to address our health care needs.

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Naturopathic Services, Burlington, ON

I offer a range of naturopathic services that can provide support to people of all ages in Burlington, ON.

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If you are hoping to improve your health and well-being, visit Sparrow Naturopathy wellness centre in Burlington, ON.

As a naturopathic healthcare provider, I offer food sensitivity and intolerance testing, healthy baby programs, kids’ health programs, women’s health programs, and more.

At Sparrow Naturopathy in Burlington, Ontario, patients can find a specialized treatment program for each specific medical condition and situation. I will work diligently to make sure that you have an excellent experience on your journey to better health. I offer a variety of natural treatment options, so those who appreciate a naturopathic or holistic option for health and wellness will enjoy a visit to my clinic. I provide various tests and treatments, such as food sensitivity and intolerance testing, testing for gluten sensitivity, acupuncture, salivary testing, lab services, stress management, and more.

Another branch of services that I offer at Sparrow Naturopathy is women’s healthcare. If you are expecting a child or hoping to become pregnant, we can work together to create programs that will promote a healthier pregnancy. I also provide children’s health services and encourage whole family wellness. When you visit Sparrow Naturopathy, you will experience a naturopathic atmosphere. I want to make sure that the program we design for you is something that you can work to achieve, so you will feel positive with the outcome, as well.

Overall health and well-being is my main focus at Sparrow Naturopathy, so if you are looking to improve your health, feel free to come in for a consultation. I provide a caring and empathetic environment, along with a personalized plan that is created just for you.

Joanna Sparrow - Sparrow NaturopathyHi and welcome to Sparrow Naturopathy. I am Dr. Joanna Sparrow, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Naturopath committed to your health and well being.

Achieving optimal health is a journey and it was my journey that led me towards naturopathic medicine as a career. Growing up I was involved in competitive synchronized swimming, here in Burlington and during my university years swam with the McMaster varsity swim team. The demands of an intense training schedule coupled with school and other commitments often left me vulnerable to chronic infections as well as injuries. Conventional treatment of these problems did not create sustained health and I began to search for more options to prevent further insult to my body. Working with natural health products, acupuncture, bodywork and diet and lifestyle changes all contributed to my improved overall health. When I discovered that naturopathic medicine combined all the modalities that I had found to benefit me I knew I had to become a naturopathic doctor.

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