Healthy Babies

The Healthy Babies Program at Sparrow Naturopathy in Burlington, ON helps both mother and baby grow and change in health and wellness.

iStock_000003158746SmallBringing a baby into the world is a very exciting time. And, just like you need to prepare your home for a new baby, you need to prepare your body as well. You can begin to make a positive difference to the health of your child even before your baby is conceived. Early diet and lifestyle changes for both parents can go a long way to ensure better health for your baby. Continued care throughout pregnancy to optimize the mother’s health will also contribute to a healthier baby.

The Healthy Babies Program focuses on creating the healthiest baby possible.

Goals of the program are:

  • To provide pre-conception care for mother and father to ensure healthy preparation for pregnancy
  • To nourish mother and baby during all stages of pregnancy
  • To work towards achieving your desired labour and delivery
  • To provide support for mom and baby post delivery
  • To continue care for baby in Resilient Kids Program

Remember, you can make a difference to the health of you and your child.