Wise Women

The Wise Women Program at Sparrow Naturopathy in Burlington, ON focuses on caring for women through the menopause transition years and preparing the body for post-menopause.

iStock_000006756803Small-Wise WomenAll women experience menopause however some of us will experience more symptoms than others. Our busy lifestyles and the constant demands placed on us lead us away from taking care of ourselves. By the time we transition through menopause our reserves are depleted and we begin to feel the effects of decreased hormone production by our ovaries. Learning how to prepare our bodies for this natural change will help us thrive during this time in our lives.

The Wise Women Program focuses on nurturing women through the menopause transition years, and preparing the body for post menopause.

Goals of the program are:

  • To implement healthy diet and lifestyle choices at an early age, before commencement of the menopause transition
  • To support mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions
  • To correct organ imbalances that contribute to experienced symptoms such as hot flashes, poor sleep and mood changes
  • To prevent diseases associated with menopause and beyond such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease

Remember, wise women take care of themselves so that they can continue to support others.