Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing

If you are concerned that the food you eat is causing health problems, I can conduct food sensitivity and intolerance testing to help you identify the problem in your diet and eliminate it.

Food Sensitivity and Intolerance TestingFood sensitivity and intolerance testing can be done several ways.  I provide testing for immune mediated food intolerances as well as designing specific food elimination and reintroduction diets.

IgG-Mediated Food Sensitivity Testing

IgG-mediated sensitivities to foods are characterized by the production of IgG antibodies and the gradual formation of antigen-antibody complexes which deposit in tissues and can lead to chronic inflammation.. Delayed reactions to ingested allergens may occur several hours or days after foods are ingested and can create symptoms such as headache, asthma, recurrent infections, eczema, joint pains, sinusitis, and many other health conditions, often of an inflammatory nature. Through testing we can assess IgG immune reactions for up to 200 different foods and develop an individualized diet eliminating any reactive foods.


Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing in Hamilton, ON
Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Testing in Milton, ON