Blood & Urine Analysis, Burlington, ON

Blood & urine analysis allows us to address specific needs and ask better questions leading up to your new Burlington, ON care routine.

Blood & Urine Analysis, Burlington, ONWe are accustomed to having our blood and urine tested at a conventional doctor, even if we aren’t sure what they are testing for. When you have decided to make a lifestyle change towards natural healing, you may be wondering why you still need blood & urine analysis at your naturopathic doctor’s office. I recommend blood & urine analysis as part of the natural healing process for several reasons.

  • Hormone Levels – When you are determining the root cause of your symptoms and have not had success with traditional medical routes, blood & urine analysis helps to determine hormone levels that may be contributing to your concerns.
  • Heart Disease – Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and it is critical that you have testing done to check for any indicators of this disease. Especially if you are genetically prone to heart disease, blood & urine analysis is a first step.
  • Allergy & Digestive Issues– If you are suffering from allergies and digestive issues, it can be difficult to determine what exactly is causing the problem. Blood & urine analysis allows for the identification of potential problems and gives directives towards the next steps in the healing process.
  • Fertility – If you have had trouble becoming pregnant in the past and are searching for answers, blood & urine analysis can provide indicators of the root cause and determine what steps may be taken to improve your health and fertility options.

I work with each individual patient with a specific approach to their needs. In order to gain a full understanding of your concerns, blood & urine analysis allows me to address specific needs and ask better questions leading up to your new Burlington, ON care routine. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about testing or naturopathic solutions and am passionate about teaching my patients how they can improve their health. Contact me at Sparrow Naturopathy today to get started on your journey to natural healing.