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163080162You likely realise that consistency is an important aspect of maintaining women’s health. However, during the holiday season, you may fall back on some bad habits that harm your health and increase your risk of contracting the flu. This holiday season, make women’s health a priority by implementing the following strategies into your routine:

  • Focus on Fun– Not Food- One of the main reasons you likely look forward to the holiday season is because of the delicious food. Instead of focusing on the treats you are going to eat at your holiday party or at the homes of your relatives, try to focus on the memories you are going to create, decorations you are going to put up, and the fun times ahead.
  • Stay Active- Staying physically active throughout the duration of the holiday season can not only help prevent illness, but also minimise the amount of weight you gain.
  • Stock Your Fridge- When cookies, cakes, and other sweet treats from your neighbours litter your kitchen countertops, it may be tempting to eat these instead of cooking a nutritious meal. To prevent this from occurring, take the time at the beginning of every week to stock your fridge full of ingredients for healthy snacks and meals.
  • Stay Warm- Cold temperatures can cause serious women’s health problems.  When you get dressed in the morning, put on several layers that can easily be taken off if they get wet or if you get too warm throughout the course of your day.
  • Manage Stress- It’s no secret that the holiday season can be stressful. Protect your health during the holidays this year by balancing home, work, and play and getting enough sleep.