Naturopathy, Burlington, ON

Naturopathy treatments offered at Sparrow Naturopathy include acupuncture, food sensitivity and intolerance testing, suggestions for lifestyle and diet modifications, and much more.

177020729-Naturopathy, Burlington, ONSparrow Naturopathy provides naturopathic services to patients in and near Burlington, Ontario. I have a strong belief in the benefits of naturopathic medicine, and I offer a wide range of options that fit with your personal needs.

Naturopathic medicine is a complete, coordinated approach to health care. It is the art and science of disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention using natural therapies and gentle techniques.

Some of the most common types of naturopathy treatments include acupuncture, botanical medicine, and homeopathy, along with lifestyle and diet modifications to improve overall health and well-being. The goal of naturopathic medicine is to encourage the body to heal in its own innate way. Naturopathic therapies focus on building an optimal physical, mental, and emotional environment for long-term healing. I believe the body has the ability to heal itself, given the right environment and adequate nutrition.

If you notice that you often feel sick after a meal, I can perform food sensitivity and intolerance testing to find out if your diet is causing problems. If you feel that stress is impacting your health, we can create a treatment program to support the various body systems affected by stress. You can also come in to discuss healthy pregnancy, women’s health issues, children’s health, and other similar issues that many patients wonder about on a daily basis. These are all situations that can be treated through naturopathy.

When you visit Sparrow Naturopathy, my personal mission is to make sure that you receive counseling, assessment, and information specific to your situation. I take time with each of my patients to answer questions and make sure you understand what we have discussed. I never want anyone to leave my office feeling overwhelmed or confused. We will build your treatment program together.

Naturopathic medicine is covered by most extended health benefit plans. For more information about naturopathy or the services offered at Sparrow Naturopathy, please contact me today.


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